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NBBC hosts unique series this fall

Why are we here? Who is God? If God is real, and created everything, does He have the right to expect something of His creation? If so, what is it? Who decides what’s right and wrong?

These and other big questions will be addressed in a unique study series here at New Bethesda this fall.
The Truth Project will run for 13 Sunday nights, Sept. 3 through Nov. 26, from 6:30 p.m. – 8 p.m. (Plan to arrive at 6:10 pm for light refreshments and seating.)

Each session consists of a one-hour video lesson taught by Dr. Del Tackett, a compelling teacher who will help us look at life from a biblical perspective.

The sessions will be led in person by experienced Truth Project facilitator, Felix Cross, the attorney for the Dover Baptist Association.

There are no costs to the participants nor are there any printed materials to purchase. Registered participants will enjoy free online access to all of The Truth Project outlines, PowerPoint slides, selected videos, and interviews with experts on the various subjects covered and much more.

The Truth Project sessions are open to the whole community. Click over to www.thetruthproject.org to see a brief video introduction. Register by clicking here.

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