Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes

Ruth Open Door

Teacher: Carol Longest
Location:First room on the left in the children’s department, straight ahead as you leave the sanctuary past the organ

An adult class for mature women who study the Word of God through the Bible and quarterly-issued study guides. We learn through open discussion and Scripture study.


Teacher: Mike Duke
Location: The old fellowship hall

An adult class for couples and singles, men and women of various ages

We study the Word of God through the Bible and quarterly issued study guides and learn through open discussion and scripture study. Teacher: Mike Duke


Teachers: Lucy Jarvis and Bettiann Aylor
Location: Second class on the right as you come into the downstairs hall from under the front sanctuary steps

An adult women’s class that focuses on a book of the Bible through a comprehensive study while learning how to apply the message to daily living.

Be Ye Do-ers

Teachers: Susan Combee & Gene Jones
Location: Top of the stairs and to the right in the new Ministry Center

Couples and singles from 40s-50s

An adult class with a variety of studies. Sometimes we do an in-depth study of a single book of the Bible. Other times, we examine what God’s Word has to say about a certain topic. At least once every quarter we put what we have learned into action by engaging in hands-on ministry.

Wisdom Seekers

Teacher:  Ann Loving
Location:  Second floor (Children’s Department), last room on the Left

An adult class for couples and singles, men and women of various ages. The class uses a discussion format in which various perspectives broaden understandings of Biblical truths. Subjects have included the use of numbers in the Bible, comparative denominations of Christianity, the book of James, and the book of Nehemiah.

Young Adults (College & Career)

Teacher:  Jim Lehman

A class for those ages 18-29 who are navigating through the early stages of adulthood.