Responsible to: The accompanist shall accept direction and supervision from the Minister of Music and the Pastor.

Hours: 5-10 hours per week

Principle Function: The Accompanist shall provide instrumental accompaniment on the piano and/or electric keyboard and/or organ for regular and special worship services, as well as choir rehearsals.

Play for all worship services, including, but not limited to: accompanying congregational singing, the instrumental ensembles, the choirs, vocal ensembles, and/or soloists, and special services such as:

  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Cantata
  • Easter morning daylight service, Easter Cantata, and Maundy Thursday
  • Other events, such as Revival Services
  • Play for choir rehearsals
  • Choose selections to be played for keyboard solos and correlate the selection with the Minister of Music
  • Keep informed of music trends, methods, and materials, utilizing them in the Music Ministry when appropriate
  • Play for weddings and funerals upon request and as time permits. May accept fee for this service
  • Plan appropriate practice time to maintain and advance proficiency of keyboard skills

Time off: Two Sundays and two Wednesdays per year

To apply, please email your resume and references to: